An all-in
Boutique agency

We are strategic thinkers and creative doers fiercely committed to chasing your company’s vision. 

Who We work with

Most commonly, the companies we work with are experiencing: 

Why Creative Cat?

Clients love our small but mighty size because it allows us to operate CEO-to-CEO, visionary leader to visionary leader. Because of this, we vet clients just as they vet us. With limited capacity, we are committed to filling our client seats with companies we feel will thrive in our approach and enjoy a meaningful partnership along the way.

The Cat-Mandments

We fiercely commit to our partnerships. How? We adhere to three principles that guide our approach to service, accountability, and impact.


Completely Commit:

That means complete buy-in to your company’s vision and to our responsibility to help you make it happen.


Creatively challenge:

We challenge strategies through creative thinking to deliver killer tactics that will drag-in results. 


Cast ’n Catch:

What we release must yield return, therefore we implement methods of high-level tracking, monitoring, and management.

We've got one core principle...


What wakes us up from our cat naps is helping our clients achieve their company vision. To do so, we completely commit… we allow ourselves to dream big on your behalf and listen to our creative instincts to claw our way to impactful strategies that drag-in results.

Ready to put us to the test?

How it Works

We're Not
Kitten Around

We’re on a mission to help companies overcome marketing paralysis by determining what to do now, what to do next, and how to pull it all off.

How It Works

We pair your vision with our proprietary Purr-Formance process to develop a strategic Game Plan to capture the opportunities your company craves.

Our Marketing purr-formance Process.

We pursue every objective through our Purrr-Formance process. This process is credited for our lasting relationships with clients, who tend to stay with us long-term on their journeys to greater.


We hunt down the gaps between where you are, and where you’re trying to go — the ultimate vision. 


Geared with critical information and research, we uncover opportunities and epiphanies emerge. 


Achieving greatness is a collaborative effort, so we present the Game Plan to you, and together we fine-tune it to perfection.


Tactics launch, and we’re laser-focused on execution, tracking, analyzing, reporting, and adjusting as needed.

And, Repeat

Once the mission at hand is accomplished, it’s on the next. Back to top; repeat. 

Our Core Competencies

We are creative thinkers and doers laser-focused on strategy, execution, and results. We specialize in Marketing Game Plans (what to do now, what to do next, how to pull it all off), advertising campaigns, and killer-creative design and production.

Game Plans

  • Objective-Based Marketing Game Plan
  • Annual Marketing Game Plan

Advertising Campaigns

  • PPC 
  • SEO 
  • Video 
  • Social Media 
  • Broadcast
  • Print

Killer-Creative Design

  • Websites 
  • Landing Pages 
  • Marketing and sales material 
  • Content creation

Cat’s got your tongue? Let’s see if we can help with that.

Review our FAQ's.

Most likely. If we can’t help directly, we are happy to point you in the right direction.

We are a small team of strategists and creatives. Our partnership relationships typically operate CEO-to-CEO. We prefer to work this way to maintain the highest level of attention to clients’ needs, overall vision, and the results. For this reason, we stay mindful of our capacity to ensure each partnership is given proper care and attention.

We specialize in Marketing Game Plans (what to do now, what to do next, how to pull it all off), advertising campaigns, and killer-creative design and production.

We’re experienced in overseeing projects outside of our in-house specialties. We work closely with a cloud of expert resources by directing the project to ensure proper strategic execution. Because marketing is most effective when it’s all marching to the same beat, the benefit of working with Creative Cat is having a cohesive strategy with proper tracking across all of your tactics. Our goal is to take the guesswork out of what is or isn’t working.

Honestly, we watch results like a sports game. First, we gather all the necessary data for benchmarking. From there, we install proper tracking for ongoing monitoring and offer daily, weekly, or monthly reporting (whichever you prefer).

We are happy to talk numbers and can provide ballpark estimates within 72 hours. We just need a bit of information first. Request an estimate

Our partnership agreements are flexible and typically operate one of three ways –   yearly, month-to-month, or one project at a time. Flexible agreements ensure you can (and should!) kick us to the curb at anytime if we’re not meeting your needs.

The companies that love working with us tend to be visionary company leaders or CEOs who are big-time dreamers. Often, the companies we work with are experiencing a major shift, a leadership change, or have a general readiness to finally make big moves with marketing.