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QuikCut was referred to Creative Cat to re-vamp their website’s design, functionality, and content. A core objective was to reflect the shifts in their business, brand, and services. The client shared the importance of showcasing their expansive capabilities and successes, as well as shed light on their culture – giving credit to their amazing long-standing loyal team who makes it all possible.


Creative Cat approached the project in three phases, starting with an internal download with the QuikCut leadership team to gain a comprehensive understanding of the objectives, the vision, and the company’s positioning. This information guided the site’s preliminary sitemap and concluded with a full-site mockup presentation. Phase two moved into copywriting and asset planning, concluding with a 2-day photography shoot, capturing visuals to communicate QuikCut’s extensive technological capabilities and outstanding staff. Finally, phase three brought the components together through design and development. This project completed with a bold site focused on user experience, brand-driven messages, and information-rich content for potential customers to access the information they need when vetting a fabricator.

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Increase in web traffic

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