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2022 Online Advertising
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The Studio founder, Drew Scholl, reached out to Creative Cat to create a branding package to support the launch of his newly built recording studio located in Warsaw, Indiana. Drew’s vision for the branding image was reminiscent of 1970s pop culture, specifically relating to popular music genres of that time. Additionally, he wanted the brand’s core values to be communicated with heart, creating a more meaningful experience for his customers.


Through a brand discovery session, the unearthed soul of The Studio pointed the brand image toward a modern take reminiscent of 1970s progressive rock, funk, and disco. In addition, the messaging took inspiration from the era’s social movements, which advocated for equality and inclusiveness. 

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An Award-winning website

Upon completion of the initial branding package, thestudiorecords.com was designed and laid out in a manner to resonate and build trust with musicians, local and beyond. From a design perspective, the site was completed through the expansion of branding elements to give viewers a nostalgic and creatively playful experience. In addition, we used copy driven to live-out The Studio’s idyllic atmosphere of comfort and inspiration; a space of harmony and accessibility to high-quality music production, local or remote.

Silver ADFED Award Winner:

2022 Online Advertising
B to C Website